• Adlet Myer

    Eugene Chaud

    June 8, 2014 by Adlet Myer

    Level: 3

    XP: 50/300

    CP: 2750

    Win-Loss Ration: 11-13

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  • Azarathis

    Level 2: Azarathis

    CP: 2250

    EXP: 50 / 200

    Win Ratio: 7-1 (87.5%)

    Class: Magallanica

    Sets Unlocked: BT-01, BT-05, EB-01

    Card Collection

    4x Dragonic Overlord

    2x Dragon Monk, Goku

    8x Demonic Dragon Berserker, Yaksha

    8x Berserk Dragon

    8x Dragon Knight, Nehalem

    8x Wyvern Strike, Tejas

    8x Flames of Promise, Aermo

    8x Embodiment of Armor, Bahr

    4x Demonic Dragon Madonna, Joka

    4x Dragon Monk, Gojo

    4x Wyvern Strike, Jarran

    8x Demonic Dragon Berserk, Raksha

    8x Lizard Soldier, Ganlu

    8x Dragon Dancer, Monica 

    8x Dragon Monk, Genjo

    2x Lizard Runner, Undeux

    1x Lizard Soldier, Conroe

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  • RiverToRue

    River's profile

    June 7, 2014 by RiverToRue

    Level: 1

    CP: 150

    XP: 10/100

    W/L: 0/0

    Card list: TD02

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  • Linky Ferrisclaw

    Level 2: Linky Ferrisclaw

    Unlocked BTs: 1, 5

    CP: 400

    EXP: 70/200

    Wins: 8

    Losses: 3


    4x DO

    4x Goku

    4x Berserk Dragon

    4x Nehalem

    3x Tejas

    4x Bahr

    4x Gojo

    3x Barri

    2x Aermo

    1x Heatnail

    SVG: Conroe x1

    8 Crit 4 Draw 4 Heal

    My cards are at my Message Wall.

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  • Mimmo"Faker"

    Mimmo's Profile

    June 7, 2014 by Mimmo"Faker"





    W/L: 2/5 Card list:

    2 TD01

    +1 bb

    3 pixie fife

    3 margal

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  • Linky Ferrisclaw

    My profile

    June 7, 2014 by Linky Ferrisclaw

    Level 1: Linky Ferrisclaw

    CP: 0

    Wins: 1

    Losses: 0


    4x DO

    4x Goku

    4x Berserk Dragon

    4x Nehalem

    3x Tejas

    4x Bahr

    3x Gojo

    3x Aermo

    2x Joka

    2x Jarran

    SVG: Undeux

    Rainbow Triggers.

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  • HeliosAwakened21

    Lv. 1

    XP: 10/100

    W/L rate: 0-0

    CP: 300


    CEO Amaterasu x4

    Battle Sister, Chocolat x2


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  • Infinity38

    Student Profile

    June 7, 2014 by Infinity38

    Level: 1

    CP: 300

    XP: 0

    Win/Loss: 0/0

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  • Belldandy90

    Student Profile

    June 7, 2014 by Belldandy90

    Class: Magallanica

    Level: 1

    CP: 0

    XP: 0

    Record: 0-0

    Trial Deck 4:Maiden Of The Cherry Blossoms

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  • RoxasXsora

    Class: Star Gate

    Level: 2

    CP: 2200

    XP: 10/200

    Win/Lose: 3-5

    1. Beat Xros (+300cp, +20xp)

    2. Beat Xros (+300cp, +20xp)

    3. Trade with Xros (-450cp)

    4. Lost to Lady (+150cp, +10xp)

    5. Lost to Azarathis (+150cp, +10xp)

    6. Lost to Azarathis (+150cp, +10xp)

    7. Lost to Azarathis (+150cp, +10xp)

    8. Lost to Blastermimmo (+150cp, +10xp)

    9. Beat Blastermimmo (+300cp, +20Xp)


    Nova Grappler

    Grade 0

    4x Battleraizer

    4x Cannon Ball

    4x SHining Lady

    4x Ring Girl, Clara

    Grade 1

    4x Tough Boy

    4x Oasis Girl

    3x Queen of Heart

    2x Battering Minotaur

    4x Sreamin' and Dancin' Announcer, Shout

    Grade 2

    4x NGM Prototype

    4x King of Sword

    2x Super Electromagnetic Lifeform, Storm

    Grade 3

    1x Gold Rutile

    4x Mr. Invincible

    2x Death Metal Droid

    Dimension Police

    Grade 0

    4x Justice Rose

    3x Justice Cobalt

    4x Cos…

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  • Seal To End All


    Class: United Sanctuary

    Level : 2

    CP: 3,400

    EXP: 60

    Wins/Loss: 5/6


    TD04- Maiden Princess of Cherry Blossoms

    ---Battle Log---

    Fought Against Lady Liberator 3/31/14 - Won by Critical Trigger.

    Fought Against Lady Liberator 3/31/14 - Won by...Normal Way to Win?

    Fought Against Misaka10032 4/1/14 - Lost by skill.

    Fought Against XrosHearts 4/1/14 - Lost by OP Kageros.

    Fought Against XrosHearts 4/1/14 - Won by Intensive Fighting.

    Fought Against Na0H6 4/1/14 - Lost by More Kageros.

    Fought Against Ryker77 4/1/14 - Won by Sad Paladins.

    Fought Against NaOH6 4/2/14 - Lost by Knowning I was going to lose.

    Fought Against NaOH6 4/2/14 - Lost by Scary Bermudas.

    Fought Against Ryker77 4/2/14 - Won by Long Match with Swords

    Fought Against XrosHear…

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  • DoomBoyKhoi


    Level: 1

    Class: Zoo

    XP: 20/100

    CP: 300

    Cards: TD02

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  • Misaka 10032

    600 money

    0 xp

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  • NaOH6

    NaOH6's profile

    March 31, 2014 by NaOH6

    Level 4

    XP: 30/400

    CP: 50

    cards: 2 td2+conroe

    w/l: 25-13

    class: Dark Zone

    Sets; set 1, set 4 ,set 5, eb01, eb02

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  • XrosHearts

    Student Profile

    March 31, 2014 by XrosHearts

    Class: Dark Zone

    Level: 2

    CP: 50

    XP: 10

    Record: 2-7

    • Oracle Guardian, Wiseman (R) Rock the Wall (C) Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine (C) Sonic Noa (C) Tough Boy (C)
    • Dragon Knight, Nehalem (R) Lizard Soldier, Ganlu (C) Lake Maiden, Lien (C) Miracle Kid (C) Highspeed, Brakki (C)
    • Wingal (C) Flogal (C) Oracle Guardian, Nike (C) Dragon Dancer, Monica (C)
    • Commodore Blueblood (R) Dragon Monk, Gojo (C) Weather Girl, Milk (C) Dragon Monk, Genjo (C) Karma Queen (C)
    • Lucky Girl (C) Madame Mirage (C) Guiding Zombie (C) Stealth Dragon, Dreadmaster (C)
    • Demon Eater (R) Nightmare Baby (C) Rock the Wall (C) Oracle Guardian, Nike (C) Tough Boy (C)
    • Oracle Guardian, Wiseman (R) Clay-doll Mechanic (C) Weapons Dealer, Govannon (C) Wyvern Strike, Jarran (C) Dream Eater (C)
    • Bloody Her…

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  • Resdraon

    Student: Resdraons, data

    December 4, 2013 by Resdraon



    Class: None atm, but i want gold. 

    Avatar: Gancelot.

    lost once to cookie cream, got 6 triggers. 130 cp

    lost to Blastertroopmimmo, 8 triggers, break ride  avatar ride, lose = 210 cp

    Gold lib trail deck: 1

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  • BlueFTW

    BlueFTW Student Data

    December 3, 2013 by BlueFTW

    Cards i owned 

    NG TD

    Level 1 0/100

    CP 1000

    W/L 0/0

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  • Kaice

    Kaice Student Data

    November 29, 2013 by Kaice

    CP: 1480

    W-L: 4-0

    Class: Pale Moon

    Tag fights W-L: 0-0

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  • Xophix

    Student Information - Xophix

    November 23, 2013 by Xophix

    Class: Royal Paladin

    CP: 100

    Wins: 3

    Losses: 5

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  • LadyLiberator

    United Sanctuary Class Head.

    Lvl: 1

    CP: 150


    W-L: 0-1

    Class:Royal Paladins



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  • Turtlesaurus

    CP: 1000

    W-L: 1-0

    Class: Spike Brother

    Oracle Think Tank: Trial Deck 4

    Queen Of Heart


    Miracle Kid (C)

    Highspeed, Brakki (C)

    Flogal (C)

    Dragon Dancer, Monica (C)

    Little Sage, Marron (C)

    Sonic Noa (C)

    Wingal (C)

    Weather Girl, Milk (C)

    Oracle Guardian, Apollon


    Dandy Guy, Romario (C)

    Wonder Boy (C)

    Covenant Knight, Randolf (C)

    Ironclad Dragon, Shieldon (C)

    Embodiment of Victory, Aleph


    Karma Queen (C)

    Stealth Beast, Hagakure (C)

    Dragon Monk, Genjo (C)

    Madame Mirage (C)

    Tyrant, Deathrex


    Redshoe, Milly (C)

    Guiding Zombie (C)

    Lake Maiden, Lien (C)

    Oracle Guardian, Gemini (C)

    Demon Eater


    Stealth Dragon, Dreadmaster (C)

    Shining Lady (C)

    Embodiment Of Armor, Bahr (C)

    Lucky Girl (C)



    Hungry Dumpty (C)

    Madame Mirage (C)

    Tough Boy (C)

    Dragon Monk, Gojo (C)


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  • Eronan

    Student Data

    November 20, 2013 by Eronan

    • CP: 1900 CP
    • Wins: 23
    • Loss: 11
    • Class: Link Joker Class
    • Status: Class Head

    • Link Joker: Twilight Baron

    • Got a free Link Joker Trial Deck (-0 CP) . 3000 CP.
    • Bought another Link Joker Trial Deck (-1000 CP). 2000 CP.
    • Bought 10 Booster Set 12 Packs. -2000 CP. 110 CP
    • Buying 30 packs of BT12. -6000 CP. 1250 CP.
    • Sold 2 Liberator, Bagpipe Angel to Ifraid for 80 CP each. +160 CP = 1410 CP.
    • Sold 1 Barcgal Liberator to Blastertroopmimmo for 600 cp. 2300 CP.
    • Bought 10 Packs of BT12. -2000 CP. 1000 CP.
    • Charizard203 traded Revenger, Raging Form Dragon for Barrier Star-vader, Promethium and 900 CP with Misaka. 1900 CP.

    • Examination against XrosHearts.
    • Fought Penguin90 and lost. Pulled four triggers, rode Twilight Baron. 20 CP * 4 + 20 CP + 10 CP = 110 CP. 2110 CP.
    • Fought Som…

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