Class: Star Gate

Level: 2

CP: 2200

XP: 10/200

Win/Lose: 3-5

1. Beat Xros (+300cp, +20xp)

2. Beat Xros (+300cp, +20xp)

3. Trade with Xros (-450cp)

4. Lost to Lady (+150cp, +10xp)

5. Lost to Azarathis (+150cp, +10xp)

6. Lost to Azarathis (+150cp, +10xp)

7. Lost to Azarathis (+150cp, +10xp)

8. Lost to Blastermimmo (+150cp, +10xp)

9. Beat Blastermimmo (+300cp, +20Xp)


Nova Grappler

Grade 0

4x Battleraizer

4x Cannon Ball

4x SHining Lady

4x Ring Girl, Clara

Grade 1

4x Tough Boy

4x Oasis Girl

3x Queen of Heart

2x Battering Minotaur

4x Sreamin' and Dancin' Announcer, Shout

Grade 2

4x NGM Prototype

4x King of Sword

2x Super Electromagnetic Lifeform, Storm

Grade 3

1x Gold Rutile

4x Mr. Invincible

2x Death Metal Droid

Dimension Police

Grade 0

4x Justice Rose

3x Justice Cobalt

4x Cosmo Fang

4x Army Penguin

1x Enigman Flow

Grade 1

3x Enigman Ripple

4x Glory Maker

1x Cosmo Roar

Grade 2

0x Masked Police Grander (IOU)

3x Enigroid Comrade 

2x Twin Order

2x Platinum Ace

Grade 3

4x Enigman Shine

2x Enigman Rain

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