aka Steven

  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on May 22
  • My occupation is School
  • I am Male
  • Turtlesaurus

    CP: 1000

    W-L: 1-0

    Class: Spike Brother

    Oracle Think Tank: Trial Deck 4

    Queen Of Heart


    Miracle Kid (C)

    Highspeed, Brakki (C)

    Flogal (C)

    Dragon Dancer, Monica (C)

    Little Sage, Marron (C)

    Sonic Noa (C)

    Wingal (C)

    Weather Girl, Milk (C)

    Oracle Guardian, Apollon


    Dandy Guy, Romario (C)

    Wonder Boy (C)

    Covenant Knight, Randolf (C)

    Ironclad Dragon, Shieldon (C)

    Embodiment of Victory, Aleph


    Karma Queen (C)

    Stealth Beast, Hagakure (C)

    Dragon Monk, Genjo (C)

    Madame Mirage (C)

    Tyrant, Deathrex


    Redshoe, Milly (C)

    Guiding Zombie (C)

    Lake Maiden, Lien (C)

    Oracle Guardian, Gemini (C)

    Demon Eater


    Stealth Dragon, Dreadmaster (C)

    Shining Lady (C)

    Embodiment Of Armor, Bahr (C)

    Lucky Girl (C)



    Hungry Dumpty (C)

    Madame Mirage (C)

    Tough Boy (C)

    Dragon Monk, Gojo (C)


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