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    Student Profile

    March 31, 2014 by XrosHearts

    Class: Dark Zone

    Level: 2

    CP: 50

    XP: 10

    Record: 2-7

    • Oracle Guardian, Wiseman (R) Rock the Wall (C) Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine (C) Sonic Noa (C) Tough Boy (C)
    • Dragon Knight, Nehalem (R) Lizard Soldier, Ganlu (C) Lake Maiden, Lien (C) Miracle Kid (C) Highspeed, Brakki (C)
    • Wingal (C) Flogal (C) Oracle Guardian, Nike (C) Dragon Dancer, Monica (C)
    • Commodore Blueblood (R) Dragon Monk, Gojo (C) Weather Girl, Milk (C) Dragon Monk, Genjo (C) Karma Queen (C)
    • Lucky Girl (C) Madame Mirage (C) Guiding Zombie (C) Stealth Dragon, Dreadmaster (C)
    • Demon Eater (R) Nightmare Baby (C) Rock the Wall (C) Oracle Guardian, Nike (C) Tough Boy (C)
    • Oracle Guardian, Wiseman (R) Clay-doll Mechanic (C) Weapons Dealer, Govannon (C) Wyvern Strike, Jarran (C) Dream Eater (C)
    • Bloody Her…

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